Nutrient Analysis For Health And Longevity
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"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings."
- Hippocrates


Naturally Sweet and Healthy
Cook and Bake Without Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

Written by our founder, Nicholas J. Hill, this book is your guide to cooking and baking with natural, zero-calorie heat-stable sweeteners without sugar and without the artificial chemical yellow, pink and blue stuff.

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Welcome to the Wellness Foundations Nutrient Analysis site.

You know how people struggle to eat healthy to feel great and age well?

We solve this.

We do this by performing an analysis of your food intakes for more than thirty nutrients everyone must have daily as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine.

If you know better you can do better. You really can be properly nourished, feel great and age well.

How the Wellness Foundations Program Works

All you do is keep a food log and send it to us every two weeks in complete confidence. In addition to fats, calories and carbohydrates you will receive detailed trending reports twice monthly covering the more than thirty nutrients you need every day — all according to your age, gender and activity level. Your reports will include information on what each nutrient does in your body, food sources for it, symptoms of deficiencies and excesses and possible drug interactions.

As you make changes in food selections you will learn how to correct ongoing deficiencies and excesses for all of your personal, optimum daily nutrient needs.

You will also receive special reports on understanding carbohydrates and on which fats are good or bad for you. Questions are welcome.

No more guessing. If you know better you can do better! You can feel great and age well.

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About Nicholas Hill

Co-founder of the Wellness Foundations system, Nick has been an organic chemist for 58 years. He has studied the physiology of nutrition and is an honors graduate of the acclaimed Institute For Integrative Nutrition. He also has certification from The Teachers College at Columbia University and is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Nick was a heavy smoker for more than thirty years. He was overweight and had cancer three times.

He quit smoking, lost excess weight and survived the cancers without surgery, chemo or medications. Now, at age 81, with proper nutrition, he is cancer-free, fit and in excellent health with no medications.

Nick has walked the walk.

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* Source: National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine

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